How am I going to pay for my or my loved one’s care?

We not only personalize your medical/rehabilitation care, but we also personalized your financial obligations.

Several payment options are available for a nursing facility stay, including Medicare (when resident meets eligibility criteria), Medicaid (when financial need criteria is met), private insurance (when applicable). and private pay. Our business office and admissions department can provide detailed assistance in determining the most appropriate form of payment. We are committed to providing the optimum level of patient care at the most reasonable cost to the resident. We believe this can best be attained within the framework of sound fiscal management. In order to create and uphold an atmosphere of mutual understanding with the communities we serve, we work closely with residents and families to ensure that financial responsibilities have been taken care of prior to admission.

Good to Know

Under Medicare Part “A,” if you require skilled services within 30-days of being discharged from a qualifying 3-night stay at an acute hospital, you may be covered.

The first 20 days of a qualified Skilled Stay are paid at 100%. Coinsurance (which may be paid by your supplement policy) starts on the 21st day and continues through the 100th day.

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