Covenant Care takes our obligation to comply with all state and federal laws seriously. Our Corporate Compliance program is designed to comply fully with all regulatory requirements. Full compliance is enthusiastically embraced and supported by our board, senior management, and the management of each facility and business unit within our company.

The Board of Directors and senior management have adopted a Corporate Compliance program and a Code of Ethics. These standards emphasize the importance of maintaining high ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws to all our employees, agents, independent contractors, and others we associate with.

Compliance and ethical behavior is the responsibility of all our employees and partners. In addition to generally accepted standards, the Corporate Compliance program addresses specific issues that are important to Covenant Care.

An open line of communication between the Corporate Compliance Officer and all employees is critical to the successful operation of the Corporate Compliance program. Covenant Care encourages all employees to ask questions, make suggestions, or seek clarity about the program.

Our confidential Compliance Line number is: (888) 505-2004.