For people with learning disabilities, strokes, dementia, hearing loss or other illnesses, communication can be very difficult. If you need assistance with speaking, thinking or swallowing, our speech therapists can help.

Speech-language pathologists at Covenant Care can:

  • Evaluate and provide treatment for communication problems to help regain listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
  • Perform swallowing studies and retrain people who suffer from swallowing difficulties
  • Provide voice therapy to persons with voice disorders caused by nodules as a result of overuse or misuse of the vocal chords
  • Improve cognitive functioning

Therapy Pre-Registration

For your convenience we offer you the opportunity to pre-register for therapy services with our facility! This puts you “a step ahead” on your road to recovery, letting you know exactly what to expect and a complete understanding of the programs and services you will be receiving before you even step foot into a Covenant Care facility.

To learn more about Covenant Care’s Pre-Registration Services, click HERE.

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