Our Physical Therapists provide skilled therapy to improve mobility, balance, transfers, range of motion and pain management. They instruct patients in skilled techniques to improve their ability to walk, climb stairs and increase physical stamina. They assess the need for specialized braces or equipment that may be required to improve self-reliance and safety.

Injury and illness can take a toll on the body’s strength and mobility. Physical therapists can help patients regain strength, coordination and balance and reach specific goals, such as independent movement, wheelchair mobility or walking.

Physical therapy services are designed to provide every patient with a comprehensive evaluation followed by an individualized treatment plan. Our therapists emphasize patient participation and follow-through.

Services include:

  • Orthopedic assessments of musculoskeletal problems
  • Patient education and home program instruction
  • Comprehensive post falls assessment and interventions
  • Gait analysis (for patients who are having problems walking); fall recovery, balance training
  • Manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilization, positional release, strain/counter strain and muscle energy
  • Home management skills including work simplification, energy conservation and home safety analysis
  • Therapy for chronic pain problems and pain management techniques
  • Stroke rehabilitation to restore function after a stoke
  • Treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds through the use of state of the art equipment
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation of vestibular disorders for patients suffering from dizziness
  • Continence management • Orthotic and prosthetic training
  • Pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation
  • Strengthening activities to restore muscle function
  • Body mechanics to prevent injury and accident

Therapy Pre-Registration

For your convenience we offer you the opportunity to pre-register for therapy services with our facility! This puts you “a step ahead” on your road to recovery, letting you know exactly what to expect and a complete understanding of the programs and services you will be receiving before you even step foot into a Covenant Care facility.

To learn more about Covenant Care’s Pre-Registration Services, click HERE.

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