Everyday activities such as cooking or getting dressed can be difficult for people who have been seriously injured or suffer from a debilitating disease. If a patient needs assistance in regaining independence in daily living skills, our occupational therapists can help.

Our occupational therapists work with the patient, family members and referring physicians to develop an individualized treatment plan. Therapists take individuals through a variety of daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals. For example, a person might be taught to use a bathtub seat, grab bars or long-handled sponge for bathing or to use reachers to obtain objects from shelves.

Specialized techniques may be used to help individuals with cognitive functioning, such as increasing their visual awareness or improving short-term memory and reaction times. For instance, if a patient’s field of vision in the left eye has been cut, that person will need to be trained to be aware of everything on the left side of the environment.

If a patient can no longer perform a skill, the therapist can teach alternatives. For example, a right-handed person who has sustained injury to the right hand can be taught to use the left hand more efficiently.

Occupational therapists are trained to make splints to prevent further injury or to correct a deformity caused by injuries or diseases such as arthritis. Specialized treatment of the hand is offered through the care of our occupational therapists.

Because most insurance companies require a doctor’s order before a patient can receive occupational therapy, individuals are accepted by physician referral only. Upon referral, an occupational therapist will evaluate the individual. When therapy is appropriate, a personal treatment plan will be developed.

Therapy Pre-Registration

For your convenience we offer you the opportunity to pre-register for therapy services with our facility! This puts you “a step ahead” on your road to recovery, letting you know exactly what to expect and a complete understanding of the programs and services you will be receiving before you even step foot into a Covenant Care facility.

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