At Covenant Care, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

We measure this success one resident at a time. Our highly trained, dedicated professionals deliver care that allows our residents to achieve their highest level of independence through the use of adaptive, innovative and progressive strategies.

Our Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) Walking Rounds and our Validation in Process (VIP) and Homeward Bound Programs are hallmarks to our residents’ success. These programs, as well as key operational processes such as our Business Leadership Team (BLT) model and our Mock Survey process, have enabled us to achieve state and federal survey results well above the industry standard, as evident by survey results.

Our mission defines us; it outlines and guides how we operate each and every day. First and foremost, we strive to ”treat every person with dignity, respect, and kindness.”

Jean P., Las Vegas

“I sent friends and my husband around to scout out places for me and they walked into Silver Hills and it smelled good and was clean and fresh. I am getting excellent physical and occupational therapy, and was recently discharged from occupational therapy because I met all my criteria.”


To our PATIENTS AND RESIDENTS, we pledge to: 

  • Treat you as an individual
  • Deliver the highest quality of healthcare possible
  • Promote optimal wellness and facilitate the best possible treatment outcomes
  • Meet your physical, medical, and psychosocial needs
  • Render services in a clean, comfortable, safe environment
  • Provide care in a courteous, compassionate, respectful manner
  • Be relentless in our efforts to exceed your expectations
  • Treat your visitors as our visitors and strive to make them comfortable

To our FAMILIES AND FRIENDS, we pledge to:

  • Nurture healthy relationships and maintain open and honest communication
  • Embrace family values and promote a culture of “Family Serving Families”
  • Reinforce our gratitude by demonstrating we were the right choice

To our EMPLOYEES, we pledge to:

  • Treat each of you with respect and recognize your accomplishments
  • Welcome the strengths that each individual brings to our diverse workforce
  • Provide ample opportunity and support for education and advancement
  • Provide adequate training and resources to enable the best quality of care
  • Promote responsible actions and personal accountability for ones’ actions

To our HEALTHCARE PARTNERS, we pledge to:

  • Maintain a highly trained and dedicated team of professionals
  • Promote collaborative approaches to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Partner with physicians and other members of the healthcare team to provide innovative and comprehensive healthcare

To our COMMUNITY, we pledge to:

  • Be good citizens and provide quality services that exceed expectations
  • Be actively involved in community activities and embrace community involvement with us
  • Attain and maintain our position of being the employer and provider-of-choice in our community

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