September – Dietitian’s Healthy Pick of the Month!

Dietitian’s Healthy Pick of the Month

Celebrating Nature’s Hidden Treasure – The Mushroom

Part of the Enhanced Dining services at Covenant Care is the “Dietitians Healthy Pick of the Month” – this months pick is the Mushroom.

Mushrooms come in many tasty varieties, from the popular shiitake and portobello, to the more simple brown and white mushrooms. Truly versatile, each mushroom variet has a unique appearance and texture and offers a distinct taste.  This uniqueness enables them to be served as a main dish, a side or even to enhance the flavor of other foods.

Our facilities will be incorporating this tasty food into a variety of our meals – omelets, gravy, burgers and more! We will also have a display out for residents, family and team members to highlight the nurtitional benefits of mushrooms.