September – Dietitian’s Healthy Pick of the Month!

Dietitians Health Pick of the Month – Mushrooms!

As part of our Enhanced Dining Services, our dietitian picks a different food each month to be incorporated into resident meals, and each facility provides a display to educate residents, family and staff.

This month is Mushrooms – Mushrooms can be used everyday and every way. Slice and saute white button mushrooms to top a pizza or toss in a salad, marinate and grill a portabella and serve on a bun for a burger alternative, or add crimini mushrooms to poultry, fish or beef dishes to give them a nice earthy flavor. Mushrooms are also really low in calories and add a great amount of Vitamin D to your diet. To view more ideas and nutrition facts click here>.

Mushrooms are grown on a year round cycle and go through a growing process in a highly controlled environment before reaching your plates. Read more on the mushroom growing process by clicking here>.

More nutrition information!

How mushrooms replace and enhance!