May is National Strawberry Month!

Dietitian’s Healthy Pick of the Month – It’s National Strawberry Month!

As part of our Enhanced Dining Services, our dietitian picks a different food each month to be incorporated into resident meals, and a facility display provides information to residents, family and staff on the nutritional value of the food and helpful cooking tips.

May is National Strawberry month!

Bright red, sweet, and delicious — strawberries are one of the best parts of spring. Not only do strawberries taste good, but they are among nature’s best source of vitamin C. Also, fresh strawberries are extremely versatile and can be served whole, packed to go or used in a variety of recipes, including salads, sandwiches with cheese or nut butter, salsa, smoothies, fruit kabobs or served with low-fat yogurt or ice cream.

We hope our residents enjoy this months Strawberry creations!!!