We anticipate our families to have many questions and we do understand.

Here are some of these often-asked questions:

Where can I find a copy of the CA Resident Handbook?
Our California Resident Handbook provides important and useful information on the services and amenities our facility provides. Download the document using the link on the right or below. We have also provided a link to download another information brochure – “Your Right to Make Decisions About Medical Treatment”.

View / Download the Covenant Care California Resident Handbook >
View / Download the “Your Right to Make Decisions About Medical Treatment” Brochure >

Can the residents go out with the family?
Yes, residents can go out for the day or on a trip with family.

Can residents have their own furniture?
Yes, we encourage residents to bring personal furniture (space provided) and personal belongings to make them feel more at home.

Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed.

How soon can we move in?
We enjoy working with families in making moving arrangements. We are also experienced in emergency placement for those who are in need of immediate placement in assisted living.