We anticipate our families to have many questions and we do understand.

Here are some of these often-asked questions:

Can family work with therapy and the resident?
Of Course! We encourage a holistic view of each resident. Family is a major part of our resident’s rehabilitation and care. Family participation is welcomed. Family will also learn therapy techniques that will prove to be invaluable upon discharge.

How do you communicate with staff to keep them updated?
Every shift we have shift meetings for continuity of care and to communicate change of condition. We have mandatory inservice, weekly memos, and monthly inservice to keep our employees up to date. We also publish a monthly employee newsletter.

What about someone who is underweight?
We have a Certified Dietary Manager to oversee our numerous programs to enhance weight gain. We investigate any weight losses to try and determine the cause of the weight loss. We offer several supplements, weekly dietician, and daily dietary manager updates. The whole system is monitored by nursing and dietary every two weeks with appropriate interventions put into place. We serve three nutritious meals per day as well as providing a healthy evening snack. A hydration unit is set up at each nursing station.

Are you a Medicare/Medicaid certified Nursing facility?
Yes, we are a 110 – bed Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing facility. We honor a variety of managed care options. To see if your plan is covered, please call our business office for assistance.

Does the Department of Health endorse this facility?
Yes. We are routinely evaluated by the Department of Health. These visits are always unannounced and every aspect of patient care is reviewed We have received superior evaluations on a consistent basis because we maintain rigorous standards and expectations for our employees with regard to resident’s care.

How many days is therapy?
All therapies require a physician’s order. In the case of an HMO, therapy must also have authorization for treatment from the HMO’s case manager or utilization manager. The amount of therapy received by a resident is dependent on how much progress the patient makes. All therapists need to document significant progress to keep a resident on a caseload.

Who does the patient’s laundry?
Our facility offers laundry services, at no additional charge, or a family may elect to do a resident’s laundry at home.

How much clothing should be provided for each resident?
We would like families to provide at least seven days of clothing including 2-3 warm sweaters, slippers, and a robe if possible. Clothing should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off. On admission a staff person from the laundry department will assist you in marking the clothing with the resident’s name. Each article of clothing, and any personal items, will be listed on an inventory sheet for reference

What are the visiting hours?
24-hours per day. We understand that most of us work and have difficulty visiting during the daytime. We ask that families use their best judgment in regard to the length of stay per visit and the time of the visit. Please note we lock our doors after 9pm so ring the doorbell!

Is there a hairdresser available?
Yes. The hair salon is open Monday through Friday with hours posted. Our hairdresser may see both male and female residents. Hair care costs may be deducted from resident trust accounts that can be set up at the Business Office.

Who do I contact regarding insurance and billing questions?
Our business office manager should be able to help you with most of your questions and concerns. If you have a HMO, you can discuss any concerns with the case manager assigned to the resident.

Who do I see if I have dietary concerns?
We have a Certified Dietary Manager that is available to discuss resident preferences and needs with the resident and/or family. We also have a registered dietician that monitors each resident’s dietary requirements, weight gain and/or loss, etc.. In addition, we have a speech therapist available for consultation for any resident with swallowing difficulties. We ask family members to please check with the charge nurse concerning any possible diet restrictions before bringing in food from home.

Who will make transportation arrangements for residents who have appointments outside Villa Springfield?
Our staff will assist you in making transportation, when our bus is available, we can use it to assist in a resident’s transport needs.

What types of activities do you provide?
We post a monthly calendar which shows each day’s schedule of activities for our residents. These activities include (but are not limited to) the following: Bingo, Music, Arts & Crafts, Outings, Cooking classes, Adult Education, Movies, Petting Zoo, Speakers, Physical Fitness, Church Services, as well as activities with our local schools.

May we bring family pets in to visit?
We love pets! Please be sure your best friend is on a leash.