We anticipate our families to have many questions and we do understand.

Here are some of these often-asked questions:

Are you a Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing facility or do you accept HMO residents?
Yes, we are an 88-bed Medicare and Medicaid certified facility. We also have service agreements with most HMOs.

Does the Department of Health endorse this facility?
Yes, and we are routinely evaluated by the Ohio Department of Health for every aspect of resident care and services.

What can I expect from nursing?
We have nurses on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our nurses must meet the practice standards set forth by the Ohio State Board of Nursing and follow the State of Ohio Nursing Home Laws. The charge nurses supervise a staff of certified assistants (CNA’s) who help patients with bathing, dressing, and meals. In addition, the CNAs take vital signs (i.e., blood pressure, temperature, and pulse) and report these to the charge nurse. Authorized family members may also call the charge nurse at any time for a status report on a patient’s medical condition. We are here to assist with the family’s concerns as well as the patient’s.

How are therapy services obtained?
All therapies require a physician’s order. In the case of an HMO, the respective HMO case manager or utilization manager must also authorize therapy. The amount of therapy received by a resident is dependent upon the degree of the resident’s deficits in function, strength endurance and progress as therapy proceeds. The therapist must be able to document continued progress in order for a resident to continue on caseload.

How often does the doctor see the resident?
Physicians are contacted at the time of admission for medication orders, dietary requirements, and other considerations, and will visit patients shortly after admission. Physicians make a monthly visit for long-term care patients, and a physician is available 24-hours per day.

Suppose the resident needs a consultation for other services?

The Unit Nurse will make the necessary arrangements for any ancillary service the physician may order.

Who do I see if I have any dietary concerns?
We have a Dietary Manager that is available to discuss patient preferences and nutritional needs with the resident and/or family. We also have a Registered dietitian that monitors each resident’s dietary requirements as well as weight gains or loss. We ask that a family member to please not bring food to the resident unless the Unit Nurse indicates it is alright to do so.

What type of activities do you provide?
We post a monthly calendar, which shows each day’s scheduled activities for the residents. These activities include bingo, music, arts & crafts, outings, cooking classes, movies, exercise, church services, newspaper readings of current events, and assorted games.

May we bring family pets in to visit?
Pets are welcome into the facility provided the pet is under control at all times and poses no threat of harm or distress to other residents.

Who do I see regarding insurance or billing questions?
Our Business Manager should be able to help you with most of your questions or concerns regarding billing and insurances. If you have an HMO, you can discuss any concerns also with the HMO case manager assigned to the resident.

Who does the resident’s personal laundry?
Our facility offers laundry service to its resident. If a resident or family chooses, all or part of the resident’s laundry may be done at home.

What are the visiting hours?
Visiting hours are open provided the visitation does not disturb other residents. Visitors are expected to respect the privacy of other residents at all times.

How much clothing should be provided for the resident?
We would like families to provide at least seven days of clothing, including two or three warm sweaters, slippers, and a robe, if possible. Clothing should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off. All items of clothing are to be identified with the resident’s name in an inconspicuous place using an permanent marking pen.

Is a hairdresser available?
Yes, the hair salon is open on Thursdays and the hairdressers will see both male and female residents by appointment. The Unit Nurse will assist you in making these appointments.