Activities & Amenities

Versailles Health Care Center provides a broad spectrum of Activities & Amenities.

At Versailles Health Care Center, our Activities Program plays a key role in caring for our residents. We offer a variety of activities for our residents’ to maintain a homelike atmosphere, while at the same time promoting independence and community.

Our programming changes from month to month and with the personal dynamics of the individuals who reside with us, so a monthly calendar is provided to each resident with each day’s schedule.

View our monthly resident activity calendar >>

Here is a glimpse of some of our activities and amenities:

  • Engaging activity program 7 days a week
  • Planned activities and community outing
  • Traditional activities such as bingo and movies
  • Creative activities tailored to residents’ tastes and interests
  • Integrational programs
  • Varied entertainment
  • Pet visits
  • Religious programs
  • Arts & crafts
  • Adult education
  • Residents’ birthday parties
  • and more!

Fine Dining

At Versailles Health Care Center, we believe that our residents should enjoy their dining experience. Versailles Health Care Center offers a fine dining program. The main goal of this program is to implement positive changes to our meal service and food quality, with an emphasis on resident choice.

Fine dining at the Versailles Health Care Center encompasses a variety of food that is pleasing to the palette. Resident choice and quality of meal service are our number one priorities. It is a privilege to serve our residents in an exceptional dining atmosphere. Some of the most recent amenities for our main dining room include:

  • New flat screen TV for residents to enjoy their favorite programs before meals are served.
  • Hot steam table fills the dining room with pleasing aromas and food is served hot!
  • Choice of main entrée for lunch and supper meals. In addition, we offer a LeCafe menu for lunch with a variety of options.
  • A’la carte menu is displayed on tables in dining room for items that are available at every meal.
  • Lunch is a special treat with a hot cup of soup offered as an appetizer.
  • Beverage cart service is offered at all meals and includes water, coffee, hot chocolate, fountain pop, and juice.
  • A beautiful dessert cart is offered at lunch to allow the resident to choose their favorite treat.
  • Food is served on fine china set on top of crisp linen tablecloths and linen napkins.
  • Soft music is played during meal times.
  • Residents and cooks plan special meals throughout the month and the menu is posted at the dining room entrance.
  • We enjoy celebrating with our residents. One way that we do this is by celebrating resident birthdays in our main dining room. The guest of honor receives a personal birthday cake for their table and all other guests are served cupcakes to join in the fun. We also of course, sing Happy Birthday!
  • A staff member welcomes our residents and guests to our dining room.
  • Fine dining attire includes servers wearing black service aprons and our cooks wearing chef coats. At the conclusion of each meal, our chef walks the dining room to elicit feedback on the meal quality and service.