Activities & Amenities

Our activity department at Turlock Nursing & Rehabilitation Center facilitates diverse daily programs 7 days each week, 365 days per year.

We have everything from aroma therapy to candlelight dinners, with a focus on resident interaction and satisfaction. Most residents who visit an activity just once end up belonging to our large core group of friends who participate on a daily basis.

You can guarantee that our patients won’t miss out on a single holiday. Whether it’s handing out candy and cards on Valentine’s Day, wearing costumes on Halloween, or even Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo, we’re ready to have lots of fun.

Here is a glimpse of some of the activities and amenities at Turlock Nursing and Rehabilitation Center:

  • Creative activities tailored to residents’ tastes and interests.
  • Traditional activities such as bingo, arts and crafts, movies
  • Dining Services
  • Beauty and barber services
  • Special event entertainment
  • Community outings
  • Planned activities and outing
  • Varied entertainment
  • Pet visits
  • Religious programs
  • Adult education
  • Residents’ birthday parties
  • Transportation assistance
  • Private rooms
  • Safe and comfortable environment

Other times of interest are our watermelon eating contest, growing garden plants, toasting marshmallows, and even balloon volleyball tournaments. There’s plenty to do here while the rest of the staff gets you ready to return home.

Our programming changes from month to month and with the personal dynamics of the individuals who reside with us, so a monthly calendar is provided to each resident with each day’s schedule.