Silver Ridge Health Care Center Testimonials

We take pride in keeping our patients happy

At Silver Ridge Health Care Center, we love hearing about the positive experiences our patients have. See some of our customers’ experiences below.

Physician's are seeing patients on regular basis as needed per their orders and I always see charge nurses, 3 respiratory therapist and Directors during my visits. I love the Bistro too!

– Marc D., Past Resident

I am very pleased with Silver Ridge Healthcare Center. They are all very helpful. The physical therapists working with my mom are great. They are preparing her to be independent and take more things on, and I am very pleased with that. The staff that I talk to -- the nurses and the attendants -- are very responsive. My mom is in isolation because she has had a bacterial infection for a good 6 weeks, but now she is out of isolation and doing much better. Now, she is sharing a room with another patient. The rooms are not big, but they are nice and clean. She only has her meals in her bedroom, and she thinks the food is really good. My mom is not much of a group person, so she likes to keep to herself and work with her therapist, doctor, and nurses, but as far as going with other people and group situations, that is not her cup of tea. It is absolutely safe and secured. I am happy with their service and with the caseworker. They have been very helpful, and they seem knowledgeable.

– Dale, Relative of Resident

They saved my life.

– Donna D., Past Resident

The rehab here at Silver Ridge is excellent.

– Leigh D., Past Resident

Silver Ridge has been a blessing to us.

– Sandy B., Past Resident

The nursing was fantastic!

– Recent Patient

Staff was excellent!

– Recent Patient

My grandmother always liked staying at Silver Ridge because everyone was so nice!

– Granddaughter of a Recent Patient

What they’re doing here at Silver Ridge is beyond any other place I’ve been.

– Elvin J., Past Resident

When I first came here, I had a difficult time getting out of bed. Now, I can walk from my room, all the way to Physical Therapy.

– Marie F., Past Resident

The PT and OT departments are absolutely amazing! (Landon, Jenny, and Brenden)

– Patient

Every single PT/OT did absolutely superb!

– Recent Patient

The physical therapy was excellent!

– Patient