Programs & Services

We’re happiest when you’re healthy at home.

At Palo Alto Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Center, we provide high quality skilled nursing and therapy care to ensure a superior level of rehabilitation for our guests. In addition to skilled nursing services 24-hours a day, we offer a team of rehabilitation specialists, offering physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy up to 7 days a week.

We know choosing a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center for yourself or your loved one is one of the most important and difficult decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. You want someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options. If you or a loved one are in need of health care, require advanced skilled nursing services and rehabilitation, then Palo Alto Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Center is the choice for you.

Our core goal is to restore an individual to their highest functional potential, promote a sense of well-being, achieve a satisfying level of independence and improve the quality of life for each individual residents.

Our skilled nursing facility provides both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care at the highest standards . We provide comprehensive skilled nursing care using state-of-the-art medical equipment and progressive treatment plans promoting quality care. An interdisciplinary care team made up of nursing staff, therapist(s), resident dietitian, activities and social services develop a customized plan of care that addresses specific care needs and therapy goals necessary for the resident.

Some of our Services and Programs:

  • Highly trained and experienced Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Focused program on reducing avoidable reemissions
  • Diabetic management
  • Restorative nursing program
  • Post acute surgical care
  • Wound care/wound vac
  • IV services Central & PICC Care with 24 hr PICC line insertion
  • Specializing in IV Antibiotics
  • Total Parenteral nutrition (TPN)/PPN
  • Enteral Therapy
  • Ostomy care (stable and new)
  • Ophthalmology services
  • Designated Short and Long Term areas
  • Diabetic Management
  • Bowel & Bladder Management Programs
  • Pre-surgery registration
  • 24-hour lab, X-ray and pharmacy services
  • Custom care plans to fit individual needs
  • Individualized meal plans including Gluten Free and Kosher menus
  • Podiatry, Dental, Vision, and Auditory care
  • Hospice/respite

Wound Care
Our clinically progressive treatment programs provide care for:

  • Surgical incisions
  • Pressure ulcers, Stasis ulcers
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Comprehensive Integrated Healing Program

Respite Care
Respite Care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief for those who are caring for family members or friends with medical needs. Palo Alto Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Center will care for your loved one if you need a break for vacation, a business trip, an illness or any other reason that you may need to be away for a short time. Please call our Admissions Director with any further questions regarding scheduling a respite admission.

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Through a multidisciplinary approach, Palo Alto Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Center helps residents in regaining functional ability. We have physical, occupational and speech therapists with experience in treating a variety of conditions. Individual treatment plans are created and resident’s therapy programs are customized to meet their individual needs, prognosis and prior level of function. We use state of the art modalities such as electric stimulation, ultrasound and other modalities that are commonly used by professional athletes.

Our HOMEWARD BOUND programs help our residents return to their homes or to their maximum independence level.

Homeward Bound Program
Homeward Bound is a short-term rehabilitation program, which focuses on addressing the specific needs of each patient. Treatment programs are individualized in order to allow our patients to reach their maximum potential. Because we believe that family support and education are vital aspects in providing excellence in care and assisting the patient to maximize functional ability and independence, family involvement in the rehabilitation process is encouraged.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
All our therapists and therapy assistants are part of our interdisciplinary team of professionals who will help you define and work toward your individual rehabilitation goals. Physical therapy helps with strength and balance, while occupational therapy helps improve fine motor skills for the job of living, addressing areas such as bathing, dressing and eating. Speech therapy helps overcome speaking or swallowing difficulties. Therapy services are available for long-term residents, as well as our short-term Homeward Bound patients.

Our rehabilitation program includes:

  • Cardiac Recovery
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Program
  • Continence Improvement Program
  • Contracture Management
  • Dysphagia Management and Treatment
  • Fall Management
  • Orthopedic Fracture Recovery
  • Pain Management and Modalities
  • Patient/Family Training and Education
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Respiratory Specialty Program
  • Stroke (CVA) Recovery Program
  • VIP (Validation In Process)

Additional services:

  • 24-hour admissions services
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation programs
  • Interdisciplinary Walking Rounds

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Patient Engagement and Education

To our dedicated team, thank you for dedicating your working life to the pursuit of making life easier for those in need. Thank you for your hard work caring for the community and making our CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service) Five-Star Quality Measure scores a reality.

Covenant Care has an unsurpassed commitment to quality as evidenced by our CMS Quality Measure and Five-Star performance.

Here are just a few things that set us apart:

Strong physician engagement impacts patient experience and quality of care.

  • High Medical Presence Model with Physician Coverage 7 Days a week. Our Clinicians are lead by a Certified Geriatrician and Medical Director with the society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.
  • We have increased capacity to care for your loved one. You can have peace of mind knowing the care received at our facilities is closely monitored and followed with this level of Physician involvement.

In addition to our High Medical Presence, we offer:

  • 24-hour RN supervision
  • Discharge planning, including post-discharge follow-up appointments
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy available 7 days a week

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