At Lakeland Nursing and Rehab, it is our team that make all of the difference.

People are the fundamental part of our business and our team is highly trained and experienced in taking care of people. At only 75 beds, we are able to provide all of the services of a larger facility with much more personal care, due to the fewer number of patients. Choosing Lakeland Skilled is a positive first step for you and your family.

Haylee Everidge
Administrator in Training
[email protected]
The AIT works along side the Executive Director to learn all aspects of the job. She is always available to help staff and residents.
Jessica Baker, RN
DON (Director of Nursing)
[email protected]
The Director of Nursing oversees all of the nursing personnel. She is often on the floor making rounds and helping the nursing staff. She works diligently to ensure our patients get the best possible quality of care.
Casey Newman, SLP
Facility Rehab Director
[email protected]
The Facility Rehab Director oversees the therapy department. If you or your loved one is receiving therapy, that department will track progress as well as set realistic goals for maximum rehabilitation
Amanda Grawcock
Director of Business Development
The Director of Business Development works in the community to raise awareness of the services that Lakeland has to offer as well as builds relationships in the community. She is the first person our new residents typically meet before they come to Lakeland and when they are still in the hospital.
Arlene Parr
Admissions Coordinator
[email protected]
The Admissions Coordinator works with hospital discharge planners, family members, or responsible parties to coordinate admission of residents in our facility.
Cindy Lewin
Business Office Manager
[email protected]
The Business Office Manager is available by appointment to answer any insurance and/or billing questions. She maintains all financial operations for the building.
Michael Reinhold
Social Services Director
[email protected]
The Social Services Director assesses the emotional needs of the resident and their family, and then has the ongoing task of providing them with the emotional and social support they may need. He also facilitates in the discharge planning or long term placement of the residents.
Kasey Jones
Health Information Manager
The HIM inventories and audits all medical documents that come through our building. She ensures that each resident’s privacy is protected and records are well maintained.
Wini Handshoe, LPN
MDS Coordinator
[email protected]
The MDS Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the clinical assessment and care planning. She is responsible for completing the federally required assessments that go to Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance agencies.
Debra Green
Activity Director
The Activity Director is in charge of the many activities that take place in the facility. There is an activity calendar posted on each Hall. She and her staff have a great relationship with residents, and keep them as involved, active, and entertained as much as possible.
Renee Hankey
Dietary Manager
[email protected]
The Dietary Manager assesses the dietary needs of each resident. She also oversees kitchen staff to provide delicious, nutritious meals.
Kristina Vanover
Assistant Director of Nursing
The Assistant Director of Nursing helps oversee all of the nursing personnel. She is also in charge of coordinating care plan meetings with all residents and families.
Sara Hankey, LPN
Director of Staff Development
[email protected]
The Director of Staff Development is in charge of scheduling, recruiting and hiring. She is also in charge of training our staff with new innovations and completes a thorough orientation for all new employees.
Travis Deck
Maintenance Director
The Maintenance Director takes care of our buildings and grounds. He ensures a safe environment for residents, visitors, and staff.
Tina Siegel
Housekeeping Supervisor
[email protected]
The Housekeeping Supervisor oversees the housekeeping staff and ensures the residents enjoy a clean building. She also facilitates moving residents into their rooms and preparing each room for new residents.
Cecilia Grimes
Business Office Assistant
[email protected]
Cecilia and Mitzi keep the business office running smoothly. They take care of many important things for our residents. They are also key in communication between departments and between staff and residents.
Mitzi Huffman
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