Programs & Services

Friendship is a premier quality of life and rehabilitation center for today’s senior.

Choosing a health care and rehabilitation center for yourself or your loved one is one of the most important and difficult decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. You want someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options.

If you or a loved one are in need of health care, require advanced skilled nursing services and rehabilitation, then Friendship Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is the choice for you. We provide excellent health care services in a homelike atmosphere and a partnership with the healthcare professionals who are dedicated to meeting your goals. You are at the first step in choosing a quality skilled nursing and rehabilitation center.

Located off the beaten path in the heart of a residential neighborhood, our place in the healthcare continuum is well established. We invite you to get to know us a little better.

Friendship was originally built as a long-term care facility. However, through the years, and with the changing needs of our local community, Friendship has positioned itself as a premier provider of short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. Friendship continues to provide care for those who can no longer care for themselves. It is certified by Medicare and Medicaid, and is one of 57 facilities in the Covenant Care family and benefits from a wealth of resources and expertise at the corporate and peer level. Friendship itself is a leader within the company, achieving or exceeding company and industry benchmarks for quality. It has received highest honors for clinical excellence for ten years in a row from Covenant Care, and has been recognized nationally for quality. It is the only Medicare five-star facility in Carlinville.

Additional Services:
We offer an array of medical services including the following.

  • Pharmacy delivery
  • In-house x-ray
  • Doppler studies
  • Laboratory services
  • Regular visits by the Medical Director, a podiatrist and a psychiatrist
  • Financial Counseling

Respite Care and Adult Day Care
Our facility is the only one in Carlinville that is licensed for adult day care. Respite stays are available, providing caregivers an overnight solution when they need a break from their care giving responsibilities.

End of Life Care
Our Serenity Care Program combines the sensitivity of our caring staff with physician-directed comfort care. Whether you are currently working with one of our hospice providers or simply wish to receive comfort measures in the capable hands of our caring staff, the choice is yours. There’s no better place to go through life’s most important transition.

In 2010 a memorial garden was established to honor residents who receive end of life care. The garden was blessed by TIP Hospice chaplain.

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Friendship Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center partners with AFFIRMA Rehabilitation to offer a fully staffed therapy department that includes Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy.

We believe in combining cutting edge technology with proven therapeutic programs to improve outcomes, decrease length of stay, and to get each of our residents to their highest practicable level of function and discharged to home whenever possible. We provide individualized treatment programs, which allow residents to reach their maximum independence level. Family involvement in the rehabilitation process is encouraged because we believe that the family support and education are vital aspects in providing excellence in care and assisting the patient to maximize functional ability and independence.

Friendship Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center strives to provide our community with the highest quality of service with the most advanced equipment available.

Our therapy staff assisted 15 residents to return to their homes last year and 32 of our long-term care residents to return to their prior level of functioning.

Therapy has the following specialty programs:

  • Cognitive Specialty Program (Claudia Allen)
  • Continence Improvement
  • Stroke Rehab
  • Orthopedic & Fracture Recovery Program
  • Dysphasia Management
  • Pulmonary Program
  • Pain Management

Upon admission each resident is assessed and a program is designed for their individual needs. For those residents participating in our “Homeward Bound” program, individualized therapy utilizing cutting edge technology and proven therapeutic programs allows for shorter lengths of stay. Our therapy staff understands the importance of staying active on a daily basis for long-term residents. We provide therapies that allow for our residents to improve their quality of life and continue to enjoy their activities of interest.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
All our therapists and therapy assistants are part of our interdisciplinary team of professionals who will help you define and work toward your individual rehabilitation goals. Physical therapy helps with strength and balance, while occupational therapy helps improve fine motor skills for the job of living, addressing areas such as bathing, dressing and eating. Speech therapy helps overcome speaking or swallowing difficulties. Therapy services are available for long-term residents as well as our short-term Homeward Bound patients.

Pre-Registration for Rehabilitation
We are pleased to offer pre-registration for our rehabilitation services. You plan for an elective surgery, so why not pre-plan your recovery afterwards? Our pre-registration process is simple, includes a free in-home assessment (optional), and a workbook to guide you through pre-operative planning and post-operative recovery.

Homeward Bound Program
We understand today’s senior is more active and selective than ever before. That’s why our Homeward Bound rehabilitation programs utilize the same technologies, protocols and practices as those of professional sports teams. Our licensed physical and occupational therapists have received specialized training in geriatric rehabilitation and modalities (method of treatment using state of the art technologies) in addition to all standard requirements in their field. These modalities are specifically designed to enhance the body’s ability to overcome a variety of traumas.

Homeward Bound patients may choose to participate in our TORCH program, which integrates education on disease management and a partnership with resident’s choice of post-discharge providers. This program gives patients an opportunity to go from “Discharge” to “In-Charge!” of their health, and is designed to help reduce the need for frequent re-hospitalizations.

Call us today to find out more about what Homeward Bound can do for you!

Contact us today to find out more about what Friendship Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center can do for you!