We anticipate our families to have many questions and we do understand.

Here are some of these often-asked questions:

Are you certified to accept both Medicare and Medicaid?
Yes. Fairview is fully certified to accept patients with either Medicare or Medicaid. Please feel free to call the facility for an explanation of coverages.

Who do I contact regarding insurance and billing questions?
Our Business Office Director should be able to help you with questions concerning these and other issues related to payment for care. Personal appointments can be made.

What types of activities do you provide?
We post a monthly calendar which show’s each day’s schedule of events for the residents. These activities include but are not limited to: Bingo, Newsbreak, Music, Church Services, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Movies, Physical Fitness, Guest Speakers, and outings.

Who does the resident’s laundry?
We provide laundry services as part of the all-inclusive rate.

Can I take the resident out of the facility?
Yes. As long as there are no medical conditions that would compromise a resident’s safety, we encourage as much participation from loved ones as possible. We do ask that you check in with the nurse so that medication can be administered and documentation can be made that the resident is on a Leave of Absence.

Can family pets visit?
In most cases this is not a problem. Please check with the charge nurse and make sure the animal is on a leash. We also ask that families use reasonable judgment in their animal’s behavior before bringing a pet to visit.

Does the Department of Health review this facility?
Yes. The Department of Health during unannounced surveys routinely evaluates us. Every aspect of patient care is investigated. We have done well with these due to our rigorous standards and staff expectations with regard to patient care.

If I want to transfer a loved one to Fairview, what do I do?
Have confidence we will make the transfer process easy. The exact tasks leading to admission will depend on the current location of the person looking to admit. In most cases with the authority of the resident or their responsible party there is very little required from family and loved ones. Our professional staff will handle the necessary protocols.