At Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center every team member’s contribution is equally important in meeting our residents’ needs and providing a pleasant, comfortable, and safe atmosphere.

Working as a nurse, nursing assistant, housekeeper, or facility employee can be a rewarding job. The dedicated employees at the Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are what make it possible for us to establish and maintain the high standards for which we strive. Each team member, no matter what their job title is, plays an important role within the facility.

Meet Our Team:

Bill Adams
Executive Director

Terry Lake
MDS Manager

Dennis Carter
Director of Nursing

Darren Ingram
Assistant Director of Nursing

Jennie Nguyen
Facility Rehab Director

Katrina Depo
Director of Staff and Development

Linda Plunkett
Director of Social Services

Kelly Shaughnessy
Registered Dietician

Lisa Dolengewicz
Director of Activities

Shannon Johnson
Admissions Manager

Ana Orden
Case Manager