We invite you to meet and freely associate with our outstanding team here in Covington Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center, your facility.

Our success in caring for your loved ones is made possible by a team of people who not only enjoy their everyday work, but fully understand the meaning of quality caring. In our facility, you will meet dedicated, well-trained employees confidently doing their daily chores. Our facility is an equal opportunity employer. Our work environment practices an open door policy to our residents and their families, and to our valuable employees. We encourage open discussions and we welcome ideas from families and staff. One of our policies to is make sure that outstanding employees are promptly recognized.

Our Facility Management Team:

  • Rosina Thatcher – Executive Director
  • Jackie Ryan – Director of Nursing
  • Nikki Rogers – Assistant Director of Nursing
  • Mallory Jordan – Business Office Manager
  • Pansy Laws – Assistant Business Office Manager
  • Carolyn Leininger – Facility Rehab Director
  • Tara Lallow –Admission Coordinator
  • Cindi Schmitt – Social Service Director
  • LeAnne Armstrong – Health Information Manager
  • Jean Click – MDS Coordinator/RAI Director
  • Erin Newman – Area Director of Business Development
  • Lisa Valentine – Dietary Manager
  • Darcia Bailey –Activity Director
  • Michael Neubeck –Maintenance Supervisor
  • Jo Price –Manager of Environmental Services