We anticipate our families to have many questions and we do understand.

Here are some of these often-asked questions:

Are you a Medicare/Medicaid certified skilled nursing facility or do you accept HMO patients?
Yes, we are a Medicare/Medicaid fully certified skilled nursing facility. We assess and certify care with insurance companies.

What can I expect from nursing?
We have nurses on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our nurses need to meet standards set by the State of Illinois’ Board of Registered Nurses for licensure. Each charge nurse supervises a staff of certified nurse assistants (CNA’s) who help patients with bathing, dressing, and meals. Authorized family members may also call the charge nurse at any time for a status report on a patient’s medical condition. We are here to assist with family’s concerns as well as the patients.

How many days is therapy?
All therapies require a physician’s order. The amount of therapy received by a patient is dependent on how much progress the patient makes. All therapies need to document significant progress to keep a patient on a caseload. Further information is available from our facility rehabilitation director and building administrator.

Who does the patient’s laundry?
Our facility offers laundry services or a family may elect to do a patient’s laundry.

How much clothing should be provided for each patient?
We would like families to provide at least seven days of clothing, including 2-3 warm sweaters, slippers, and a robe if possible. Clothing should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Please use a permanent marker to put the patient’s name on each article of clothing or ask our laundry department to label for you.

What are the visiting hours?
24 hours a day. We understand that most of us work and have difficulty visiting during the daytime. We ask that families use their best judgment in regard to the length per visit and the time of the visit.

Is there a hairdresser available?
Yes. We have a beautician that comes to the nursing home weekly. Please see our Activity Director for appointments.

How often does the doctor see the residents?
Physicians are required to see patients shortly after admissions. However, the charge nurse does contact the doctor at the time of admission for medication orders, dietary requirements, and other considerations.

Who do I contact regarding insurance and billing questions?
Our business office manager should be able to help you with most of your question concerns.

Who do I see if I have dietary concerns?
We have a dietary supervisor that is available to discuss patient preferences and needs with the patient and/or family. We also have a registered dietician that monitors each patient’s dietary requirements, weight gain and/or loss, etc. In addition, our speech therapist is available to discuss special concerns due to a patient’s inability to swallow safely. We ask families to contact the charge nurse if they wish to bring in food from home unless the charge nurse has indicated that it is all right to do so.

Who will make transportation arrangements for patients who have appointments outside the facility?
Social Services and Nursing makes all transportation arrangements.

What types of activities do you provide?
We post a monthly calendar, which shows each day’s schedule of activities for our residents. These activities include (but are not limited to) the following: Bingo, Music & Crafts, Outings, Cooking classes, Adult Education, Movies, Physical Fitness, The Daily News. We also have religious services on Sundays.