At Capital Transitional Care every team member’s contribution is equally important in meeting our resident’s needs and providing a pleasant, comfortable and safe atmosphere.

A successful day in any Skilled Nursing Facility is made possible by a team of people who not only enjoy their everyday work but also fully understand the meaning of quality caring. In our facility, you will meet dedicated employees, some with many years of service, confidently caring for patients. Our facility is an equal opportunity employer.

Our work environment practices an open door policy to our residents and their families, our valuable employees and the public at large. We invite you to meet and freely associate with our outstanding team of qualified and professional staff here at Capital Transitional Care.


Meet the Capital Transitional Care Team:

Executive Director– Thomas Coffey
Director of Nursing– Laurie Jacques
Asst. Director of Nursing– Edrienne Bocobo, RN
Dir. of Staff Development– Alvin Narayan, LVN
RAI Director– Hana Ulrichova, RN
MDS Coordinator– Angie Quinlan, LVN
Facility Rehab Director– Matthew Braun
Admissions Coordinator– Candice Flennoy/Tim Bell
Business Office Manager– Isai Herrera
Asst. Business Office Manager– Nadia Burnett
Activities Director– Miley Chang
Social Services Director– Tina Cates
Social Worker– Emmron El
Dietary Manager– Cyndy Miller
Registered Dietician– Yau Ming Ng

We are so proud of our most valuable assets here at Capital Transitional Care, our employees. Capital Transitional Care averages 16% turnover among nursing staff. This is well below the industry average. This allows staff members to spend less time orienting themselves to new systems and more time caring for residents. At Capital Transitional Care you won’t see a different face everyday!!!!!