Hope & Healing Memorial Details

Hope & Healing Memorial flyer for Covenant Care

As you know we are not able to gather all together for our remembrance ceremony, but it’s our wish you will participate wherever you are in remembering, recognizing, honoring any loss you’ve experienced over this last year, and moving forward into this year with Hope & Healing.

Our staff and patients will be writing thoughts, prayers, feelings, and memories on bags which we will place a tea light inside and illuminate in remembrance.  The remembrance bags will be illuminated and placed outside for you to drive by and experience from 5:30 PM Feb 18th until morning the following day.

We invite you to write a message to memorialize your loss; whether it’s a loved one, job, friend, time, or opportunities. Other suggestions for illumination are flashlights, lamps, candles, or lanterns you can hold or place outside at 5:30 pm on February 18th, in a moment of silence, followed by prayer and song (audio can be found below).  We invite all families, staff, communities, front line workers, volunteers, and all faiths to join us, wherever you are in this moment of hope and healing.  Following the event please email us the videos/photos of your ceremony to [email protected].



Watch below for a personal invitation from our President Dava Ashley.

Hope & Healing Memorial flyer for Covenant Care