February – Dietitian’s Healthy Pick of the Month!

Dietitian’s Healthy Pick of the Month – Sweet Potato!

As part of our Enhanced Dining Services, our dietitian picks a different food each month to be incorporated into resident meals, and a facility display provides information to residents, family and staff on the nutritional value of the food and helpful cooking tips.

February is National Sweet Potato month! Sweet potatoes are not just called “sweet.” Sweet potatoes actually have a naturally sweet tast and are packed with essential nutrients needed for healthy bodies. Some of those key nutrients are vitamin A and beta carotene, which promotes eye and skin health as well as protection against infections. Sweet potatoes also contain other important nutrients, such as vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Sweet potatoes are sold fresh in grocery stores during all seasons but can also be found canned.

From baked to mashed – Sweet Potatoes are a great addition to lunch or dinner.