Where can I find a copy of the CA Resident Handbook?

Our California Resident Handbook provides important and useful information on the services and amenities our facility provides. Download the document using the link on the right or below. We have also provided a link to download another information brochure – “Your Right to Make Decisions About Medical Treatment”.
View / Download the Covenant Care California Resident Handbook >
View / Download the “Your Right to Make Decisions About Medical Treatment” Brochure >

How often will I see my doctor?

In the long-term hospital setting, physicians are only required by law to visit residents once in a 30-day period. If there are concerns that need to be addressed, nurses are in contact with physicians via phone or fax. Some physicians might visit residents more often depending on the individual circumstances.

Are there pharmacy services?

All Covenant Care facilities contract with pharmacy services that package medications based on patient specifications, provide delivery, and assist our nursing staff in the maintenance of quality patient care through comprehensive auditing systems. In addition, a consultant pharmacist visits the facility every month to review each resident’s prescribed medications as to the effectiveness, drug interactions and possible side effects. You may select another pharmacy, however, provided it meets facility and state requirements. Billing for medications is sent directly to you from the pharmacy you select.


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Will I have a TV?

Many, although not all, rooms have televisions. You are welcome to bring you own from home, although we do ask that they not exceed 19’. If cable is desired, please ask the facility if your room is cable ready. You are responsible for contacting the cable provider to request service, just as if you were doing so at home. Please check with maintenance to see if the room is cable ready. Note, television stands are not provided.

Will I be able to leave the premises?

If you would like to leave the facility with family or on an outing, we are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs. All leaves must be approved by your physician.

Can my pets visit?

Yes, pets are allowed in the facility as provided that they are on a leash and your provide proof that all vaccinations are current and up-to-date. We do ask, however, that you consider your pet’s behavior with regard to your fellow residents safety and comfort.

Can I celebrate special events with my family?

Of course! Residents and family members may make arrangements to reserve areas for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, special family gatherings, etc. Please contact the Activity Department for further information and reservations.

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