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“I can’t imagine going anyplace else. If anything should happen to my daughter or my husband, this is where they’re going to go.”

– Marilyn G., Past Resident, Silver Hills Health Care Center, NV

Norman is a Pulmonary Therapist & worked many years at San Joaquin General Hospital & also Lodi Memorial Hospital in the 70’s. Norman is an All American Swimmer in the 100 yard Butterfly; time 53.2! At the age of 18, Norman told us,

“I was still afraid of blood. So I took & passed the Emergency Medical Team (EMT) test to face my phobia. From there I had a wonderful career in the medical field, becoming a Pulmonary Therapist.”

“I would like to thank my Therapists Eric, Mike & Adam and the entire Nursing Staff at Arbor Nursing Center for their compassion & great care.”

Physical & Occupational Therapy 7/4/13-7/19/13.
On Admission Norman: Balance: Poor, Walking: 50o/o to walk 30 feet, ADL’s 50-75% mod-max assist
On Discharge Norman: Balance: Good, Walking: 100 feet with CGA, ADL’s 25o/o min-assist
– Norman C., Past Resident, Arbor Nursing Center, CA

“I selected Clinton House Health & Rehab Center for physical and occupational therapy after I broke my neck and had to have surgery. The hospital gave me several choices, and we chose Clinton House because it was close to home. I knew I’d made the right decision when my doctor came in and said, ‘You are right where you need to be.’ From day one everyone started working with me. I know I would not have been happy anywhere else.”

“Since that day I’ve come a long way and am preparing to go home and be back in the fields soon. I really can’t say enough good things about everyone at Clinton House. Therapy was great. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to sit around and feel sorry for myself and the therapists helped me with the rest. They pushed a lot of things at me that I was able to do, and I could see my own progress. The nurses have all been so kind to me.

“I enjoyed my time here. I enjoyed laughing and joking with staff, got lots of cards and visitors and met a lot of interesting people. If I had to summarize how I feel about this place I’d have to say, ‘It is just awesome. ’ They have the best therapy around, they keep you busy. Therapy works at your level, they push just as hard as they need to. I would certainly recommend Clinton House to anyone in need of this type of care.”
– Melvin D., Past Resident, Clinton House Health and Rehab Center, IN.

“Consider Friendship Skilled when placing your loved one. The care is there and they always take time to listen to each and every concern. Placement should be based on care received not looks perceived.”
– Bev L. Wife of Resident, Friendship Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, IL

Gerald or as he likes to be called Jerry, was admitted to Arbor Nursing Center on March 7, 2013. He had total left Hip Replacement Surgery. Prior to his surgery, Jerry attended a Pre-Surgery Orthopedic class at Dameron Hospital. There he heard information from a representative from Arbor Nursing Center talking about their Therapy Dept. and the excellent outcomes they achieved. Originally Jerry had been told he would be going directly home after his surgery. Jerry has 2 large dogs at home & thought going to Arbor would be a wise decision so that he would be stronger & have better balance, prior to going home.

Jerry grew up in Washington State, and had a very successful career in the Banking Industry working in San Francisco in the 60’s. Having served time in the Marine Core, Jerry has always been in good physical shape. For 15 years he played Upper 8 Division Racquetball & being the aggressive player that he was, repeatedly was banging into the side walls of the court. This eventually would be the cause for his Hip Surgery. When Jerry started his Therapy Program on March 8, 2013 he could ambulate 100 with pain level 3 out of 10. He needed assistance with toileting, dressing & transferring. On day of discharge Jerry could ambulate 300 feet, transfer, toilet & balance all with modified independence & Pain level 0 out of 10. He is grateful to the Nursing Staff & his Therapists Eric & Glenn for their support & dedication for his speedy recovery. Jerry discharged home to his Wife Teeteva & 2 dogs on March 14, 2013.
– Gerald L. (Jerry), Past Resident, Arbor Nursing Center, CA

Barbara’s Success Story

Barbara came to Catered Manor with a broken arm and a broken leg, on opposite sides, making it difficult to get up. She worked hard with occupational and physical therapy daily to learn compensatory techniques and build strength while her bones healed. Barbara was able to return home with her family transferring independently!

– Barbara, Past Resident, Catered Manor Nursing Center, CA

Darlene was born in Richmond CA & pretty much grew up in the small town of Crocket. She worked for Standard Oil in San Francisco. Darlene remembers walking to work from the Trolley station up Sutter St. 3-4 blocks in high heels. In those days the trolleys & buses used to travel on the bottom of the Bay Bridge. One of Darlene’s favorite memories, “Cruising the Esplanade” in Chico with her good friends.

Darlene was admitted to Arbor Nursing Center after being in Lodi Memorial Hospital for almost a week. When she arrived she was still very week and tired. Darlene could only ambulate 20 feet, tolerated only 15 minutes of activity & had moderate shortness of breath. Darlene told us, “Erwin my Therapist was very encouraging & a good coach.” “He got me to work harder, when at times I didn’t want to. Sometimes I would have Therapy 7 days a week”. When Darlene was discharged to home, she could tolerate over an hour of activity, could ambulate 100 feet and much improved pain control with activity.
– Darlene L., Past Resident, Arbor Nursing Center, CA

“Due to an accident I found myself in the need of a rehab center. I choose Villa Springfield because I heard it had excellent therapy and rehab. I found it to be true not only that the entire staff was excellent there. I had excellent care the entire 71/2 weeks. When I went home I knew I had made new friends.”
Sharon J., Past Resident, Villa Springfield Health & Rehabilitation Center, OH

“Words cannot express our heartfelt appreciation for your staff at Friendship Nursing Home. I was so thankful when we moved Mom there 2 years ago. Everyone was so wonderful to her. You made her days a little brighter and she loved all of you. You were like her family away from home.”
– Linda L., Daughter of a Past Resident at Friendship Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, IL

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