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“They were so attentive to every need that she had and I had, that I absolutely knew they cared for her. Everyone was so positive, which I think attributes to the well being and recovery of the patient.”
- Patty M.

“My husband and children investigated a lot of nursing homes and felt that because of the therapy and the staff that Villa would be the best place for me. They are just always caring, and anything I needed they were there to do it for me.”
- Joan F., past Resident
Nancy sis pdf
"Dear Mr. Robinson,

I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you of your exceptional staff at Villa Springfield. I spent a week there in rehab after a serious injury. All the staff was great but some folks seemed to go above and beyond to help in my recovery. After a long, painful ride from O.S.U. to Villa, I was greeted by nurse Michelle (Sorry I don’t know last names). I knew right away I was in good hands. She was so efficient and made me feel secure right from the start. There were two other nurses that stood out to me over my stay. First was Vicki…what a dear person. She was like an angel in the night bringing me pain meds and words of comfort. You are so lucky to have her as an employee. The final nurse who was so special was May Beth. She was quick to meet my needs and always smiling and helpful no matter how busy. Thank you Mr. Robinson for these exceptional employees. 

Next I want to recognize my T.I., Alyssa. She had wonderful, helpful hints to make mobility easier. She was cheerful, attentive and very competent. I felt safe and secure while in her care. Another person I want to recognize is Carla, my housekeeper, what a sweetheart. Sharing family stories, we had an immediate bond. You also employ two great maintenance folks. Bobby and I am so sorry but I can’t remember the other fellows name. Both guys would stop to say hello and check to see if I was having a good day. They made you feel cared about and that is so important as you try to recover. 

Finally, your excellent staff of S.T.N.A.’s. They were my window to the world, my caregivers, my friends, people that I knew really cared about me and were cheering for me to get well. Kenny, my quiet and reassuring helper who always responded so quickly. Melissa, my bubbly ray of sunshine working hard to be sure each day was better. Sabina, my lady who not only made me feel wonderful with her constant compliments but always made sure that my every wish and desire was met. Scott who was not really assigned to me but would step in at night, answer my call bed and just make sure my needs were met. I can see why he is Villa’s idol. Dorothy, I remember the night she came into my room so concerned because I hadn’t called for her and she wanted to make sure I was ok. She is a kind, caring woman. And Finally, Sarah, a bright young girl who has just been accepted to nursing school. She is young eighteen and wants to make all the patients feel special.

I am sorry if I failed to call out someone who gave me great care but I wanted you as their boss to know what a huge impact your staff made on my road to recovery. I have many challenges ahead but I can look back on my stay at Villa with a smile. I have great memories of your staff."

Please tell all your staff how much I appreciate them.
 - Debbie C.

"To Management and Staff,
Nancy sis pdf
Please accept my apology on the delay in sending my most heartfelt appreciation for the thoughtful card and planter that I received following the death of my sister, Nancy A., on July 2nd. I am also extending my thanks for the pamphlet concerning grief. The information from Crossroads Hospice is also most helpful. Although my contact with Crossroads Hospice is also most helpful. Although my contact with Crossroads personnel was short, I can assure you I found them to be sensitive to the needs of Nancy.
My appreciation for the caring staff has not diminished. They are a special group of people I shall recall with thankfulness for their gentle smiles when I entered and left the building and pleasantries of the day when I would visit Nancy. Never once did I encounter any individual with a  lesser than pleasant, yet professional attitude performing their duties with diligence and care for their 'client'. I am hopeful that their daily routine of caring for the special people of ours is recognized as out of the ordinary.
Again, a simple thank you to Nancy's nurses, aides and the therapy people (that I cannot name other than Nurse Brittany, Rudy, Violet, Charity) and several others I'm at a loss to name now, is certainly not sufficient for the gravity of their jobs in caring for a family member that is loved. I admire them greatly.
I've searched for 'thank you' cards and found them lacking. There is no poem, verse or even mere words that can convey my gratitude to the staff for their work, care and conversations for, to and about my sister, Nancy. May God bless them. "
With Gratitude,
 - Sylvia D., Sister to Nancy A.
"Not only were they able to provide everything they promised me, they went above and beyond, and exceeded my expectations. I feel like they always have a special going on every time I visit. As soon as I walked through the door, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. They went out of their way to make me feel special and appreciated. I was completely at ease during my appointment here. They went to great lengths to make sure I was completely relaxed and comfortable the entire time. I couldn't believe how knowledgeable and well-informed the staff was. They were able to answer all my questions, except the ones they needed to have their boss's input on. It was great to be able to talk to such a skilled staff. "
 - Betty L., Resident 

“Due to an accident, I found myself in the need of a rehab center. I choose Villa Springfield because I heard it had excellent therapy and rehab. Not only did I find that to be true, but also the entire staff was excellent there. I had excellent care the entire 7 1/2 weeks. When I went home I knew I had made new friends. ”
 - Sharon J., Resident

This is the third time that my family has needed your facility. In fact, when my Aunt Donna O. found out she was terminal she specifically wanted to come to Villa to spend her final days in peace. That is exactly what you provided. My Aunt was so pleased with how Villa took care of my mother and her sister, that she came to Villa all the way from her home in Middletown, Ohio. She said the people, all of you at Villa made her feel at home. Thank you thank you for all you do and provide for people.”
 - Donna O., family of Villa Springfield Resident 

“Due to an accident, I found myself in the need of a rehab center. I choose Villa Springfield because I heard it had excellent therapy and rehab. I found it to be true not only that the entire staff was excellent there. I had excellent care the entire 71/2 weeks. When I went home I knew I had made new friends. ”
 - Sharon J., Resident

“Recently I had to have a right knee replacement. Because I also have cerebral palsy on my right side I knew I not only needed the best doctor, but also the best therapy. After much research and testimonials, I choose Dr. Thompson and Villa Springfield. I could not have made better choices. My therapist took an interest in my case and gave me every opportunity to reach my goals. I couldn't be happier!”
 - Patti D., Resident

“Villa is a great place, with a wonderful staff. They are so nice and friendly, I didn't want to go home. Villa is like “Cheers”, everyone knows your name. I could be a poster child for what Villa can do. Thank you!”
 - Diane C., Resident

“To the staff, my mother, Mary Louise F., and I, Denise C., would like to thank you for the wonderful care my mom received while she was at Villa. The staff was so kind to her. I can not say enough about Villa Springfield. When you have to make difficult decisions as your parents age, it is comforting to know in Springfield we have a special place where we are all treated like family. May God bless all of you for the jobs you do every day, and for the angels you are. ”
 - Mary F. and Denise C., family of past Resident

“I really didn't know what to expect when I first arrived at Villa, this was all new to me. The people at Villa Springfield are all very kind and caring. They really helped me get better and get home. ”
 - Debora, past Resident

“When my Aunt first got to Villa she could hardly breath and could not help herself with anything. Walking was very difficult. Thanks to Villa's staff, she is back on her feet and home. Thank you.”
 - Shawn R., family of past Resident

“When I came to Villa Springfield for my rehab I was really apprehensive about my recovery process. As soon as I met the staff I felt 100% better. They were very supportive and encouraging with me and I felt confident. I knew I could not have had such a speedy recovery if it hadn't been for their efforts with me.”
 - Stephanie M., past Resident

“Best therapy in Springfield Ohio! This was all new to me, so I didn't know what to expect upon arrival. They worked with me and I was back on my feet in no time. The staff was like family to me.”
 - Bob B., past Resident

“After my mom graduated from Villa's Homeward Bound Program, she lived a much better quality of life. The staff helped her so much; I can not even explain what a difference the made in her life. When she arrived at Villa she could barley walk down the hall, now she is backing home on her own. ”
 - Kati S., family of past Resident

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Villa Springfield is a recipient of the 2013 AHCA/NCAL Silver Achievement in Quality Award.

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