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I want to thank you people at the Versailles Health Care Center for strengthening my legs with walking. The help there was very kind and considerate. Now I’m doing exercises at home.
- Mrs. Mildred B., Previous Patient

Greetings! I would like to thank all of you in the Versailles Health Care Center for all your help that you have given me when I came to your center with a back injury. Your agents were able to help me tremendously and were able to accomplish all that was needed to obtain relief for my injury and to eliminate any problem I was receiving. God Bless You all for all that you have done for me and for the many others who come to the center for your aid. Thank you all very much.
- Jonathan B., Previous Patient

I enjoyed my stay at the nursing home and want to thank everyone who helped me during my stay. Also greatly appreciated the great room. 
- Lewis D., Previous Patient

I participated in a therapy program at Versailles Health Care Center when I injured my sciatica. Therapy was suggested after seeing my family doctor and having ex-rays of my lower spine.

I had therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and PT evaluation from 5-30-12 through 6-12-12. I was given exercises to do at home every day until I felt stronger.

Stephanie G. and Phil worked with me, along with the many machines. They were very knowledgeable of their work, explained the procedures thoroughly and were very gentle and kind. Also Steve, who was observing helped also. I am proud that now he is a PT.

I would highly recommend Stephanie, Phil and also Steve if you have a problem that needs therapy.

They all made me feel very comfortable.
- Linda D., Previous Patient

I’ve had therapy several times; everyone has been wonderful and thoughtful. I especially appreciated my last visit with Marty. Thank You.
- Helen H., Previous Patient

Phillip and Stephanie, Thank you very much for your time and expertise when I was recovering from hip surgery. I really appreciate all your help and Therapy when I needed it. All the sessions were very helpful and both of you were very encouraging through my therapy. I am very thankful for all your help and encouragement. Continue the great work with other patients.
- Jim S., Previous Patient

All the therapists that worked with me, and I don’t know their names, worked diligently and were patient, but firm. I give Versailles Health Care Center credit for getting me back to where I was before my illness. I don’t have any complaints, only praise.
- Eugene M., Previous Patient

My therapy experience at Versailles was wonderful. My in-patient therapists were Jen and Tammy. They were awesome. They gave me a little boost when I didn’t think I could do what they were asking. They were very caring and concerned.

My in-home therapist was Phil and he was awesome. He was very caring and helped me not to rely on my walker. He let me decide how far we walked and when I needed to rest. He was very concerned about my swollen ankle and my RSD.

My out-patient therapists were Stephanie and Phil. They were very caring, concerned, and were honest with me when they didn’t think it was working.

All the therapists were very honest with me about my progress and how I was doing. I appreciated that. I would recommend Versailles Health Care Center for therapy. I was very impressed. I always enjoy coming back to visit. 

- Hope P., Previous Patient

We just heard good things about the therapy department and they were right!
- Marie P., Previous Patient

They strived to get you moving and explain the reason for doing therapy. It was oriented to your needs and the goals were to get better to return home.
- Marsha H., Previous Patient

If and when more care is needed, Versailles will be the choice!
- Rosemary W., Previous Patient

Therapy was hard, but the therapist were patient with me and encouraging.
- Ann K., Previous Patient

I really needed their encouragement as I had never had a big surgery before.
- Ann K., Previous Patient

All of the nurses and aides were excellent and performed above and beyond in every way.

If I feel I need therapy I will come back to VHCC for it!
- Carol B., Previous Patient

VHCC is a wonderful place to be for medical help.
- Carol B., Previous Patient

All the nurses treated me with respect and would joke with me also. That made my days there perfect!
- Carol B., Previous Patient

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