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Los Altos Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Center 

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"My father was admitted to Los Altos Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation back in March 2015. I have to admit the night I drove him from the local hospital to Los Altos was very difficult; I wanted to take him home but his condition required more skilled care. Ricky and Paul helped that night and it made me feel a little more comfortable leaving my father there and going home to get some rest. After a 6 month battle, my father passed. Los Altos staff kept him comfortable and was on top of his care. He reached his max life expectancy, as they had not given him more than a few months. I want to thank entire staff at Los Altos and I will always remember the excellent care they provided my father."

 - Al H., Family Member of Resident

"My father was admitted to Los Altos Rehab Center about 7 months ago. We have found that this center has the most caring, loving, and professional staff. My dad had very serious conditions and complications, and I could trust the staff was doing their best. It was the best decision we made to have my dad there, since by no means we could have supported him at his home the way he was supported at this facility, and we had peace of mind to know that he was well taken care of even when we were not there all the time. At his passing, Laura the Director of Activities, was very supportive, and despite her busy schedule attended to his funeral. We strongly recommend Los Altos Rehab Center to anyone in need of care for their love ones. The staff are really angels and we do not know how they handle all the people with serious conditions, and stay calm and caring. I personally want to thank the Director of the center, Marc, for his support in moving my dad to another room because of his room mate situation. Janet the social worker who supported us through out difficult times. Laura, Director of Daily Activities, who brought all patients together on a daily basis, keeping them interested and involved, while socializing with one another. The most kindest and caring people were the nurses: Miss. Nini, Sheila, Melanie, Merta, Lizel. Last but not least, the nurses assistants, especially Bijo and Wanchi, and the list goes on, who had the most difficult job, but despite of that, they did so much for my dad, I can never thank them enough for all the care and love and attention they have given my dad."

 - Mitra S., Family Member of Resident

"I spent over 5 weeks here, and I must say that I had never experienced such a high level of tender, caring attention. Everyone made me feel as close to home as possible. From the time I arrived, Devon introduced herself and let me know that if there was anything I needed or that she could do to make my stay easier, simply let her know. That was not the only time I would see her, as she would check in on me often, and she was not alone. Everyone there made me feel as if they were somehow vested in my well being and recovery. 

They have an incredible team of Therapist that helped me believe in myself. I am very grateful to Hanna, Stacie, Gillian, Therese, Debbie, Pat, Ryoto and Eric for all they did for me. The nurses in this place are Great. They are not just there to hand out pills, they always made sure that I was as comfortable as possible and that my pain was being properly managed. Autumn, Michelle, Richelle and Matt, there are a few other nurses that although I can't recall their names were all very comforting and extremely caring. I got the feeling that they really care about all their patients well being. Their CNA's are hardworking and very caring. Pedro, Florante, Juliana, Liz, Ritz, Antonio, I will always remember how kind caring and attentive you were to me at a time when I felt so helpless and truly vulnerable. The kind of care these people gave me truly came from the heart. 

The center also offers activities which Laura and Mhel made every effort to include me in. I was never made to feel alone, and they made sure to keep my spirits up as much as possible. I am very grateful to everyone at this center for taking such great care of me, this is truly a top notch facility with a very caring and vivacious staff."

 - Gabriel V., Past Resident

"My Mother had a severe stroke more than 10 years ago. Before moving to this facility from the hospital, I checked four other rehab centers, and found this one is the least crowded and it had a spacious back yard for fresh air. My mom gets along with the people very well, she always insists to do things by herself unless it exceeds her reachability. She likes to share and enjoys the sharing with other people of prayers, small gifts or foods. The two daughters of the activity director, Laura, used to stay in the daycare center during weekdays, they brought many happy memories to my mother. The center offers seasonal activities almost year round. I like their annual Mother's Day and Thanksgiving lunches to meet so many families in one room. The situation of each person may be different, to my mother, she feels acceptable to the services and the working attitudes."

 - Lipeng C., Family Member of Resident

I am writing to acknowledge and thank all the staff's effort in taking care of my mother Leonida and compliment the outstanding and beautiful room decorations, seating covers, place setting and the food quality provided at Thanksgiving, Mother's Day Tea Time and today the celebration of 4th of July at the patio. My mom enjoys the daily activities at her new home from bingo, movies, manicure, therapy, music entertainment, etc. I would like to acknowledge the effort of staff members Laura, Mel, Josie, Aida, and Elvie making the residents have a quality of life on a daily basis. Cheers to all the staff of Los Altos Sub-acute and Rehabilitation Center.

 - Faye D., Family Member of Resident

“This is the best result I've had. 3rd times a charm. I had surgery on the right knee and a previous surgery on the left knee. My recovery has been a speedy one with the help of the staff of Los Altos Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, which makes me a very happy person." 

"I would recommend it to others for a great speedy recovery!”
 - John W., Past Resident

“Recently, a good friend stayed at the Los Altos Sub-acute and Rehabilitation Center for two weeks after surgery. I was very impressed with the patience, kindness and expertise of the staff. I can't imagine how they can maintain their good spirits and service while serving difficult clients -- each with a different problem and all wanting to go home. For people who need full-time care and physical therapy, Los Altos Sub-acute and Rehabilitation Center is a very good resource.” 

 - Mary Lou S., Friend of Past Resident

“The nursing and rehab staff all deliver services and care with a truly amazing combination of grace, alacrity and wit. It is a pleasure to have enjoyed such a display of skill and charisma.” 

"Once more, the rehab staff have surpassed expectations and produced exceptional results in my recovery from bilateral TKAs. The rehab folks ramped up the program to deal with simultaneous bilateral TKA patient's unique needs- with grace, they insist that you focus and work."

"I will definitely recommend LASARC without reservations"
 - Sven N., Past Resident

“I, Marianne R., can only attest to many of the great therapists working here! On Easter Sunday, I was involved in a terrible automobile accident - doctors had nearly given up all hope for my recuperation --- but thank God here I am writing and thanking you dear folks for all of your help and encouragement. I am a survivor too, and it all worked out for the best. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I have another chance in life at age 86.”
 - Marianne R., Past Resident

“Staff, Trainers, Kitchen, and Medical Groups, 

Thanks to all of you for your conscious and professional care for my medical condition. 

My staff / friends have commented on my vast physical improvement since joining your program. 

Your clinic has been my third rehab situation and #5 gym training situation. 

Los Altos Sub-Acute is my best experience. The trainers are wonderful and equipment is always available. 

I wish you all the best.” 

 - Bob R., Past Resident

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