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Lakeland Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Jenny was admitted here with a medical diagnosis of Locked-In Syndrome, presented with tracheostomy, PEG tube, and motor functioning limited to eye movement. In the time she has been at Lakeland, she has progressed to established voicing ability and her trach and PEG have been completely removed. Jenny can now speak independently. She has even renewed her marriage vows with her husband of 22 years and she was able to speak them. She also has been able to achieve decreased delay in swallow initiation from 10+ seconds delayed to 1-2 seconds delayed via thermal stimulation, therapist-directed timing cues and oral motor exercise training. Jennifer’s most recent hospitalization was in December, 2015 for aspiration pneumonia. Upon her return to this facility, she began a treatment regime that included pulmonary strengthening and the Synchrony protocol 5x/week. This protocol uses Patterned Neuromuscular stimulation (NMES) and guided sEMG therapeutic exercises to building strength using biofeedback and Progressive Resistance Exercises (PRE’s). Throughout the course of this treatment, she progressed from a pureed diet with Nectar Thickened Liquids to Level 2 diet (mechanically altered) with thin liquids. She has had no further respiratory complications related to aspiration. Here at Lakeland our nurses and therapists are committed to helping our patients achieve their best quality of life and ultimately return to home.
 - Jenny L., Resident


"My sister Cindi fell at home and broke her ankle six weeks ago, and has been in Lakeland ever since. I have spent nearly every evening with her. There have been many tears, along with laughter throughout her stay and we have become exceptionally close. She will be going home today. I can not emphasize enough how thankful I am to our physical therapy department here at Lakeland. They are an awesome team and I appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you for the care she received to get her home for Christmas. You are truly the best. Highly recommend!"
 - Cindi T., Family Member of Past Resident


"The staff was helpful. I give the Therapy Dept. an A+. They sure helped me feel like my old self again."
 - Jean A., Past Resident

"I had a back fusion surgery and therapy helped to strengthen my core and my back. Therapists here are excellent and helped me a lot. I didn't even go anywhere else to look for care."
 - Roland S., Past Resident

“It’s very nice here. The food’s been good. Everyone has shown kindness to me. I’d live here if I could.”
 - Ruth G., Past Resident

"My therapists were very considerate and well organized. They are a very helpful organization."
 - Bob H., Past Resident

"I think a lot of the staff here. My therapists were wonderful. I wouldn't be sitting here if it weren't for them. They made it so I can talk and eat again."
 - Joanne R., Past Resident

"Everyone here took really good care of me. These kids really know what they are doing. I was one sick puppy when I came here and now I am feeling so much better and ready to go home."

 - Jane B., Past Resident

"I just love this place. I loved it the last time too. Everyone here is so nice to me and took such good care of me."
 - Gina M., Past Resident

"I had to go through an operation and chose Lakeland for my rehabilitation because it is close to home, but would never have thought I would have advanced this far, this fast. This has been a wonderful experience! Edward was such a great teacher… and I am glad to be going home. We’re lucky to have a place like this!"
 - Mary F., Past Resident

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