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Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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"I am currently a patient at Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center getting rehab. The staff are very caring and attentive and takE care of all of my needs. They are also very nice and I definitely recommend this facility to anyone who has rehab needs."
-  David G.
, Resident

"As an R.N. (retired) for 50 years I feel humbly qualified to assess my total care and all the extras provided at this facility. My medical treatment and coverage for my issues couldn't have been better even in an acute setting. Dr. Given visited me multiple times a week and spent time discussing my current treatment plan, etc. (a lot longer than anyone, anywhere these days). Attention like this just doesn't exist in medicine anymore and I'm very thankful for it. The physical and occupational therapists got me up and going everyday (even when I didn't think I could) and I was able to walk again. Everyone, down to the nurse's assistants were very serious and well trained. I guess you'd say I highly recommend this facility."
-  Sandra H.
, Past Resident

"My mother was in this facility about three weeks ago. I was so pleased with her care. The staff was so friendly and she felt like she was at home."
-  Mark W.
, Family Member of Past Resident

"My mother- inlaw lives there. The staff is very caring. The nurses treat the patients like family... their family. I saw patients interacting with one another and caring about each other, it was touching. The character of the patients reflects the attitude of the staff. They are warm and attentive and friendly. The place is filled with people who are ancient, frail and helpless. They are well cared for, clean, groomed, and happyThere is a large courtyard and it is lovely. The meals are attractive and tailored to each patient. My mother in law is in far better shape now than when she checked in 9 months ago. This is a really good place."
-  Q.A.,
Daughter-inlaw of Past Resident

"My mother was a patient at Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation and received excellent care. The staff, when asked, communicate that they are happy in their jobs and that is reflected in their care. They treat even the most infirm and elderly with respect. My mother was in a wheel chair and unable to speak, yet the staff spoke to her with warmth and was able to successfully communicate. She received PT, OT and speech therapy and was given the freedom to scoot her wheelchair to activities, the dining room and to visit others. The staff displayed excellent attention to patient hygiene and facility cleanliness. I am a physician and have experience with a number of facilities in north county and was impressed with ENR. The director of nursing, Sandra and the administrator should be commended for their leadership as this skilled nursing facility is excellently run."
- Christine W.,
Daughter of Past Resident

This is the DEFINITIVE review of the Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as I WAS THE PATIENT who actually stayed there for 1 full week. I could have left after 3 days, but I chose to stay longer. I liked the regimentation of knowing I had to do Physical Therapy in the morning and Occupational Therapy in the afternoon. And, I loved my caregivers at ""ENRC"". 

The facility is dated in small cosmetic ways but very clean and well run. The second day I was there, the Director, Sandra, came to my room with all of her supervisors who introduced themselves to me. They asked if I needed anything, but I told them everything was fine. How many places do you think that happens? Zero. Even the supervisor of the kitchen was there to see if I had any special requirements. 

The staff, I can't say enough positive things. They were always there when needed them and with an infectious happy personality. Not bad when you are in physical rehab to have everyone around you up and positive. You felt like these people really cared about YOU. 

Most of the food was good. But, if you were concerned you might not like the evening entree, simply order a sandwich of your choice to fall back on. They will deliver both and then you can decide or eat them both. The dietitian came to my room on the second day and said I should be on a 2400 calorie per day diet because of my size. Their standard menu is based on 2200 calories per day. So, she offered me some simple options like adding a small bowl of cottage cheese or yogurt to each of my meals. Everyone that works there seemed really genuinely interested in me. 

They have 2 gyms. One with a spectacular unobstructed view of the ocean and the other with about a 50"" flat screen TV. Sometimes I would just pull up a chair and enjoying the sun setting over the ocean. Very peaceful and relaxing. 

You will find this on their website, but at ""ENRC"" they live these words every day:
Treat Every Person with Dignity, Respect and Kindness
Attract and Retain Skilled, Compassionate & Dedicated Employees
Provide High Quality Medical Care and Exceptional Ancillary Services
Maintain a safe, Clean and Comfortable Environment
Act as a Responsible, Accountable Steward of Financial Resources
Improve the Quality of Life through Adaptive, Innovative and Progressive Strategies

Again, I did not see this facility from the outside in. I was the patient that lived there. I don't think you can get a stronger endorsement from anyone. Finally, this should not even be an issue worth bringing up, but it may the single biggest difference between ""ENRC"" and other nursing and rehab centers. 80% of their employees are Filipinos with 2 Vietnamese and the remaining are Caucasian, Hispanic, etc. That turned out to be the hugest plus of all for me. At least 80-90% of my care and interaction was with the Filipino staff and 2 Vietnamese. They are awesome, caring, loving, concerned, well trained, professionals with great attitudes. They are always happy. It is infectious and adds to a positive rehab experience."

- Richard J., Past Resident

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5-Star Rating

Encinitas Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is 5-Star Rated Skilled Nursing Center by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid!

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