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"Hi my name is Patricia T., my mother was at Downey Care Center for 2 weeks during the month of September. I want to begin by thanking Bella who was the first contact I had when my Mother was admitted to the facility, The staff was so friendly and very accommodating to my mom. My mother had the best care from this facility, I really liked the fact that she had Therapy every day and that she always had someone checking up on her just to make her feel comfortable. The Nurses and all the staff always communicated to me on what was going on with my Mother. The facility was always kept well clean and the dining area was very nice with a big screen TV and the food was very healthy and delicious, there was a day that I took my mom to the dining area and the Staff also fed me too. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone at the facility, Thank You Bella, Dennise, Lilo, Cristina, Tali, Raquel, Dora, Zoila, Maria, everyone in Therapy and everyone else I did not mention, Thank You so very much, In my heart you are all Angels, Thank You!!!!"
Patricia T., Family Member of Resident

"I think people who review Downey Care Center forget that this is actually a "care center". This is a place for people to get the critical and crucial medical help they need. Are there shared room, yes there are. Has this facility received numerous awards based on the great work they do? YES...with that being said, there's nothing more my family and I could ask for when it comes to the care of our matriarch. My Grandmother who is 98 years old has been here for almost 4 years. We love all the workers and care they give to her. All the workers are always so nice and welcoming and attentive. A couple weeks ago, we asked if we could take my Grandma to a party at my aunt's house. They agreed and they even let us use their van in order to transport her. She is not able to walk, and my parents were worried about having to pick her up and whatnot, but with the van, it was easy enough. My family was grateful to see her and Grandma was happy being able to leave. Thank you Downey Care Center for the great work and the love you show my Grandma."
- Christina A., Relative of Resident

"My grandma was very sick in the hospital and as she recovered they suggested she go to a rest home for physical therapy and so that she could be taken care of by medical professionals. My mother chose Downey Care Center and it was the best decision she could have made. Ofelia R went in and helped my grandmother with whatever questions she had, was very welcoming, and just great overall. All of the staff was wonderful in helping my grandma as well. My grandma was there mainly for physical therapy and to be on a strict diet. My grandma in the past would hardly walk and the physical therapy helped her so much. I would definitely recommend Downey Care Center, and if you have any questions speak to Ofelia R because she was the best!"
- Jasmin E.

"Because the work that all of you do is far from making us feel that what you do is just a job; it feels that it comes from the heart."
 - Carmen P.

"The kindness of all who attended me was outstanding and the cleanliness of the facility is very comforting."
 - Elizabeth L.

“I think this place is great. The staff does a good job and they make me feel welcomed. I could recommend this place to anyone. They take good care of my wife and treat her well.”
 - Antonieta G.

"All the personnel here were very nice to me. Shannon in the therapy department was terrific and helped me progress faster."
 - Elizabeth R.,  Past Resident

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