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"I recently needed some help and this is the place to go. They have great service, good food and friendly staff. I got some of the best therapy there is in all of town. Anything you needed they accommodated. I would stay a little longer if I really needed to. It's full of wonderful caring people. If you ever need a place to recuperate this is the place to come. I loved it!"
-Edward R., Past Resident

"Service of all the staff and therapy was just absolutely super. You ring the bell and they bring the right person or they do it right then and there. The food was nice, I had poor appetite when I first came in, but it was good. I had the breakfast burrito, it was wonderful. The first couple of days they brought me breakfast, but the third morning they got me up for breakfast. It was one of the therapists. I was so glad she did, even though I was resistant to getting up for breakfast. It made me realize it makes me feel better than just laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Everyone of the therapists chose the perfect job for them. They are compassionate and caring. They were consistent and encouraging. They pushed just at little further so I can get better. Every detail was just so thought through, from the change of linens every day to even the administrator who came in and talked about his plan of building the strongest therapist team. I said to him, 'you sure have done that'. I was so appreciative of every single one of them; I can only recommend this facility."
-Irmlind R., Past Resident

"I could not walk or write and could not remember many things. I was severely depressed. Buena Vista saved my life! Scott E. was a God send as my therapist. He would joke with me, get me laughing so the pain of my having to learn how to walk and write again was muted. He would wave at me while I was struggling with trying to learn how to write again. He was the kindest man I have ever met, and so smart! Everyone there was so kind and thoughtful. I was so happy to be able to fail at walking or writing without anyone being critical or commenting. Buena Vista is a wonderful facility. I can now walk and write without help thanks to Buena Vista. I say 'Thank you for giving me a new life to go with my new heart!'"
-Liz L., Past Resident

"I was about ready to cash it all in! I had suffered three strokes, a heart attack, and open heart surgery. I could not walk or write. I had lost all hope. I was down to 99 pounds and could not eat. However, when I got to Buena Vista Care Center, Scott E., my therapist, got me laughing for the first time in over five months. He was so kind and caring! He made me want to be able to walk and write. He would wave at me while I struggled to learn how to write again! His smile was electric! He spoke softly and carried a big stick! His personality was so warm, thoughtful, and intelligent. When I succeeded in being able to take a few steps on my own, he said,' Way to go,' and cracked me up so that I wanted to walk in order to get his positive response. I would not have been able to recover without Buena Vista's excellent therapy and positive atmosphere. I owe them and Scott my life! Thank you so much!"
-Betsey L., Past Resident

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